Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

When the police  gunned   down Keith Scott in Charlotteville NC recently he was just one of 1200 a year to take on the  US law and lose big time.  For the record blacks have double the chance as whites of meeting this end and if you are carrying a gun then you  are four times more likely to have a policeman as the last man you see.

But are we all born equal. Do all black lives matter the same? Although there were riots after Scott’s death, the police maintain that he was carrying a weapon and a gun was found. His wife on the famous  video screamed that he did not have a weapon.

Yet  she was not always of that opinion.  According to a piece in the New York Times, twelve years  before she had sought and gained a  court protection  order against her husband. “He assaulted me several times by stabbing me in the back and almost puncturing my lungs, he sliced my ear and bruised my body,there was a danger of an immediate injury to me and my children.” In classic battered wife behaviour, a few days later,  she asked for the protection order to be lifted.

But Scott repeated. A year ago Mrs Scott was back in court.”He hit my 8 year old three times in the head with fist , kicked me and threatened to kill us with his gun. He is  a killer. He has a  9mm and threatened to use it.” Once again Mrs Scott went back to the court to have  the protection order lifted.

Maybe Scott’s life chances were limited, maybe his wife was right to give him some slack. But twenty years before he built up a record for fraud, assault, carrying a concealed weapon and wounding a man. He served  a seven year stretch in San Antonio ,Texas, coming out in 2011.

The lawyer for the Scott family pointed out that all this back story has no bearing on the use of lethal force by the police on September 20.

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