English Saints

English Saints

Having just spent time in still nominally Catholic countries I realised that we English too should have saints. Like those in the Catholic calendar there is no reason they have any contact with fact or reality,in fact the more fiction  than fact the better. So far away from the cloud of incense, the thunder of superstition and the puddle of guilt  ,here is my list of English Saints.


Falstaff- Dr Johnson  said of Shakespeare’s greatest character “(his) moral is that  no man is more dangerous than he  that with a will to corrupt has the power to please”

Mr Pickwick- His conviviality, lively appetite and good humour mirrors the best of our self image.

Bertie Wooster- no explanation needed for this the most wonderful and hopeless of coves.

D’Arcy-haughty, arrogant, rich, hopeless with women but in the end a thoroughly good  egg.

Andy Capp-Totally unreconstructed man who bounced happily between barmaid and wife.

Roy of the Rovers- No better man to have  when 2-0 down away from home.

Dan Dare- Long before the Yanks and Ruskies conquered  Space , Dan had done it all.

Steptoe and Son- Recycling ,dysfunctional family and humour all under one roof.

Battler Britain- take that you square head!

Joe Grundy-Before The Archers became Eastenders II  he was its life and soul and therefore something  of a ballast for the whole nation.

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