Presidential Debates-The Latest

Presidential Debates- The Latest

Behind a  bike shed near you


Tweedledum- I’ll let you look at mine if you let me look at yours

Tweedledummer- Mine is bigger than yours

But Have You Ever used It

No one has used it more

More than what

Oh come on, don’t try that with me

You haven’t answered the question

Which was

Whose is the biggest

There is no competition

Look at my bulge, where yours

You know that is a ridiculous question

It maybe ridiculous to you, but the people have a right to know

That is so insulting to women

No one has more respect  for women

Is that so

Well at least I’m not married to a rapist

That is so beneath contempt

Contempt you should  know

Know what, that you lie

Not about my hairdresser

But about everything else

At least I care

There is no end to this drivel. If this is democracy you can see why most of the world doesn’t bother.

One of these Tweedles, dum or dummer-you choose- is going to be the  most powerful person in the world. And  we worry about Brexit. Get real.

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