How We Met

How We Met.

Malcolm was  a jewel of  a man. Brilliant at sport. Relaxed with women, a gambler, a party,party animal, found money easy to come and go. A real fun guy. Men wanted to be him, women wanted to be with him. Typically at school he not only introduced gambling but secretly kept a car. Academically he wasn’t interested but as a natural salesmen in the 60s he quickly found the  dynamic computer industry. Of course he was lucky. He had a company supplying scarce computer personnel. President Carter demanded  ethnic quotas, Malcolm supplied British Asians to desperate US companies. For a premium.

Malcolm always had girlfriends. He even had Swedish girlfriend! In the early 60s when sex was still problematical this  was soooo good. Sex as Larkin reminds  did not really go public until 1963.

Malcolm always said he was going to marry Francis. She was the younger daughter of one of the golf club crowd of which his family were part. Francis was  lively, athletic, talented and above all sexy. They made a great couple. They pushed on quickly, as others struggled with renting flats Malcolm and Franny had an open house and hosted countless parties.

Having gone to university I rather lost contact with Malcolm and others but by the early seventies I was catching the heat from some of this action.

Francis is of course Vivien’s sister. At Malcolm’s birthday party in March 1973 I turned up.

There she was. Then she had an Afro. I knew straight away. I caught her eye.She looked kind of nice so I thought I would take a chance. I walked up and asked if she wanted to dance. To put it mildly this is a one night stand that has got out of control.

Today is Vivien’s birthday.

PS Partying and running out of business luck eventually divorced Malcolm and Franny and he died bankrupt in his early  50s. By then he had divorced a second time. Franny married again and has two grown up children.

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