Thatcher She Very Bad

Thatcher She Very Bad

Recently the so called Historical Writers Association voted Margret Thatcher(25%) the worst prime minister since 1916. The usual suspects were quoted as the reason. She created a social and moral vacuum, made a sense of community an anathema, inspired a lack of compassion, promoted deindustralisation and  the free market. Of course the fact that economic and social events very similar have happened across the Western world(see Trump,Pen,Farage etc)  are nothing to do with Thatcher   escaped this hardly august body, none of whose names I recognised.(Darwin,Hokin,Scott, Meredith?).45 voted.

Second worst was Cameron(22%) he of course committed the sin of sins by allowing the people to have a say on the EU. And the people  committed the even bigger sin of disagreeing with the HWA and voting bye,bye. No mention of how Cameron engineered the first and successful coalition.

Thankfully the better known Paddy (Pants) Down disagreed  and made Chamberlain(17%)  for his feebleness with Hitler as the biggest failure. Thatcher he notes  left Britain in many way stronger and achieved many of her aims, home ownership, privatisation, a revival of entrepreneurship, national pride.No mention of the wasted years under Wilson . And the luvvies of the HWA could hardly bring themselves to mention Blair(11%).

As hinted my bad boy would be Harold Wilson who for two terms sucked his pipe while Britain quietly went down the pan with misguided economic policies- British Leyland, British Steel, ICL, trade union arrogance and general complacency. We won the World Cup and stayed out of the  Vietnam War,so Wilson and his risible “white heat of technology” remain beneath the radar. Best would have been Putney boy Atlee followed by Thatcher.(Wilson went to Jesus College with(one of) my father (s)

Worst in my life time, not maybe worst but one to make you smile. Douglas Hume. He played cricket for the MCC ,went to a good school and did his economic calculations with matchsticks. Whats not to like? Just remember where those clever city boys   and their rocket science pals  with their space age computers  took us and where in many ways we still are.

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5 Responses to Thatcher She Very Bad

  1. Poor old Chamberlain. The only MP to favour war after Munich was Duff Cooper. What does Paddy think Britain should have done? Sent the Royal Navy to defend Prague Castle?

  2. itwonthurt says:

    The time to would have struck was when he moved into the Rhineland in 1936. All the evidence is that had the Allies stood firm then Hitler would have backed down and probably fallen. Easy to say now,but the historical scar of appeasement has had a terrible effect on our later actions-Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya etc.

  3. Rob Pemberton. says:

    Why no mention of Ted Heath. He got us into the ‘ Common Market ‘ on false pretences and on the worst terms possible. The three day week and capitulating to the Unions. We were a bankrupt nation. But for Thatcher we would still be bankrupt. We may be going through tough times now but nothing compared with how Heath Britain.

  4. j Elson says:

    Au contraire,the winner should be Alec Home. He left us alone & did minimum interference,& damage, no pretence that here “today gone tomorrow” politicians would /could change the world. I presume you vote the modern equivalent of Thatcher, Gove? Incidentally take a look at your premier Premier’s modest grave, accessible to all in the small cemetery at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Wear respectful clothes. You will be on discrete camera.

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