The Aesthete


The Aesthete

Every month the must have FT’s, How To Spend It, magazine asks a character from the travel/fashion industry a few questions. Today I answer those questions

My personal signifiers are my mainly tweed stable of jackets. Although four are from Hackett most are from charity shops and all the better for that. I feel a tweed jacket is a wonderful non verbal way of expressing how I feel.

An unforgettable place I’ve travelled in the last year is Trieste. Its situation is ravishing, its history fascinating and its culture riveting. A perfect three days for a flanneur. But by definition other places visited, Strasbourg, Berwick, Stornaway, Umbria, Quebec were also unforgettable.

The best souvenir I’ve bought home would be a close competition between a wooden god from Kenya and a set of black and white pictures from Vietnam.

A recent “find” would be the cemetery at West Norwood. London’s graveyards are its most interesting and deserted open spaces. With the closure of the Hope in Smithfield the discovery and success of the Punch Tavern in Fleet Street for my Trafalgar breakfast was an important “find”.

The last great meal that truly impressed me was on the way to Ovietto high above the lake in the Trippini in Civitella del Lago.We had the breathtaking site to our selves, crisp white table clothes, charming service, cheerful chef and outstanding food. Then there was the view and the village. Perfecto.

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2 Responses to The Aesthete

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    Tilly and myself went to Trippini: bad food, miserable furniture and awful paintings on the walls. Later on we went to Baschi (a few km further on, direction Orvieto): excellent dinner. How strange.

  2. itwonthurt says:

    Wim you are cultured European, I am a man on the run, of course we will differ, but aint life grand.

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