Ode to Hammersmith Bridge

Ode to Hammersmith Bridge

Saturday saw me off to the City Arms, Hammersmith Bridge to watch the tv game of Arsenal smashing Sunderland. Bit of excitement on the bridge,as there was a jumper. We get them once or twice a year at Putney Bridge. Man climbs over parapet. Yells, I’m going to end it all. Police are called. Start talking to the man. The dance begins.

After a few minutes with the man in deep meaningful discussion but not moving the police close the bridge. I’ve had enough,I cant take any more, no one understands. Come on old son,its not as bad as all that.

More police are called up, ambulances and boats are put into position and a part of London goes into grid lock.

At 12.30 this fandango had just started. They hadnt closed the Bridge but five police cars were in attendance. When I went to have a closer look I was told not to stand and stare but to keep walking. Why? So as not to provoke him. Help Me.

Some of the police who by one pm had closed half the bridge were in plain clothes. Though with bullet proof vests and handcuffs and truncheons I don’t know who they were fooling.

I left at 2.30 and by then at least thirty police and emergency services were in attendance. Not one but two boats waited for our boy to leap.(Just do it) Thousands had their travel arrangements and probably their days ruined. And the likely lad who in this   case was wearing a very sporting bandana was getting the attention he was no doubt denied as a child. Bless.

After a few hours these dances come to an end and the would be jumper is sectioned under the Mental health Act. Most commentators reckon they are not genuine suicides, those that are don’t wait around   to chat,they get on with it. Personally as a libertarian I believe if you want to go you should helped not hindered. Which is usually the view of most who are massively inconvenienced   by these poseurs. Maybe we should hire some of those trigger happy US cops to handle our would be suicides.   Go on, make my day, punk. Yo!

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