Memories Are Made Of This

Memories are Made of This


Margaret and  Lewin are two of Putney’s characters. We have known both for at least thirty years. Margaret is the   town’s leading artist, her pictures were on our walls for decades. Her print of the bridge  was the basis for one our Christmas cards. She is as open as a book, she twinkles like a star and is a good friend.

Lewin  was a solicitor before he retired twenty years ago and  a prince of a major legal dynasty. His name was on  Putney’s dominant legal practice. WE became friends when in the Labour Party in the late  70s and we both jumped ship and joined  the SDP in the early 1980s.

Both are in their 80s. And to put mildly neither is going to another Olympics. Margaret cannot walk without a frame. Lewin has suffered from cancer and needs a mobility scooter to get around.

I hadn’t seen Lewin for many months and when I bumped into Margaret the other day I mentioned him. I didn’t know they had been friends. She brightened up. He has  moved. Yes we were friends, I once had the dance of my life with him. She smiled some more. As I said she twinkles. She continued,I don’t know why its something I will never forget, for a few minutes  our feet didn’t touch the ground. Blimey.

I pushed on. I heard he was a great swordsman. Yes I heard that to. As she spoke ,her smiled broadened and her head nodded.

One girl, one boy/Some grief, some joy.

A light that still burns, it doesn’t get sweeter. Who needs a name tag on a bench when people remember how you danced.



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