After Love

After Love

Its as old as marriage. The day that love dies, passion turns to distaste, hope to despair, admiration to despite, humour to tears, tenderness to anger. With half all marriages ending, it happens. Many hope that the excitement which comes with a new affair will kick start   positive emotions.

She is a rich beautiful academic, he is a handsome builder. Opposites attract. They have beautiful children, a lovely house. It ends. But he won’t move out until he gets his half. She thinks that’s unreasonable, since she and her family put up all the money. But he did all the work. Ding Dong.

This is the background to After Love the beautiful French Belgian film. Is she a bitch, is he a slob? She smokes,he drinks both shorthand for bad guys. The kids are to die for, or in this case to bicker and snipe for. You ate all the cheese, you broke the rule about Wednesdays, sorry I didn’t know you were coming, there is not enough food for us all, you weren’t invited.

Nevertheless he is good with the kids, she is beautiful. There is a moment when family intimacy is rekindled and they fuck. In a Anglo Saxon film this would be the start of a marriage come back. But this a French film, emotions are more sophisticated, fucking even in marriage is not necessarily about love.

Typically the French title for the film is Economique du Couple. That’s far too brutal for soft and cuddly Anglos.

So how is it resolved? Somehow they have to swim to the island of adult relationship, only then can they deal with the car crash which of course hurts the children. Though between rounds four and five of this fifteen round bout they all sit down and they tell the two girls, although Mummy and Daddy argue they still love you. We promise not to do it anymore. Next day normal hostilities are resumed.

They do get there. Only a film for practicing adults.

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2 Responses to After Love

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    Thank you for the advice, but I am not going to see the film, because the theme is depressing and we all know how terrible these things are. In a work of art there should be some hope somewhere. A picture of the world as it is, is never a pleasure to look at. The film seems to me without hope and without a trace of humor. Am I wrong?

  2. itwonthurt says:

    When you are in a car crash getting out alive is a happy ending.

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