Its Not Fair

Its Not Fair

There have been many pleasures in the Brexit/Trump peasants revolt. The principle one being the great and the good not only being wrong, but  ignored and taking the people’s decision as badly as any deflated playground bully. Its not fair they cry, they don’t know  what they are doing they whimper, they’ll regret it they sulk, don’t say we didn’t warn you they sneer.

Leading the pack is of course the Guardian closely followed by the FT (often called the Guardian’s Business Section). Clinton did not lose because she was part of a flawed dynasty, a sclerotic establishment,  a smug self serving elite, because   she was the very be epitome of all that  was not working. No, she lost because of sexism- women are different and not up for it. Misogyny-men and many of their partners actually hate (successful) women. The glass ceiling-women can go far but only so far.

(I’m surprised that no one has accused the black and Latino voters lack of enthusiasm as being rooted in reverse racism)

What cock(yes I use the word in every sense). No party is more conservative, no where  do the women make more sandwiches, no group more extols the military virtues and our imperial  past than the Tory Party. Thatcher and May were  the best leaders whose positions on regeneration and stability made them the right people at the right time. Something  Clinton was patently not.

So the squealing of the literary luvvies in Saturday’s Guardian was particularly sweet. Egan “It is hard to believe that a man with her track record and resources would have fallen to such an opponent”. Hustveldt(?)”The role of misogyny in this election should not be underestimated.”Oates “It is likely that misogyny played a negative role.”

Roiphe(?)”The idea of Clinton being “unlikeable” has always been a code, a way of papering over and personalising a deep distrust of ambitious and powerful women”. Sittenfeld”I’ve heard people say there is something they don’t like about Clinton,but in my opinion that something is gender.”

Well we are all entitled to our opinion  and  some say eating your own words is the sweetest meal, whatever, the liberal elite have got it wrong, wrong, wrong. They have to work out why and  change, otherwise its pass even more hankies as the luvvies in all their various professions fail to get real . They have threatened to take away the ball. Oops. They don’t own the ball. Oh,no one told us. Now  they know. Or at least some do.


If you know the John Lewis Xmas ad,then this will make you hoot.

Laugh then cry thanks to this John Lewis Christmas advert parody with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

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