Whatever Happened to Ivana Trump?

Whatever happened to Ivana  Trump?


A university  friend once complained about her non career at the BBC. “I slept with the wrong people.” Which has not been Ivana Trump’s problem.

Born in 1949 a sporting girl back in Moravia she went   to Charles University,Prague. Like any good girl on graduating she married an estate agent. But she is a sport so she links up with a former  child hood beau. He now  runs a ski business in Montreal. Divorce and another marriage follows.

By l976 she has moved on to New York. Good looking, in her late twenties,on the pull, it had to be Maxwell’s Plum. Where beauty and the beasts met. Donald like a rutting stag smelt the breeze, did he grab her by the  pussy ,we will never know, they were soon married.

The golden days of the Trump Empire followed.  Hotels, casinos, towers,three children, a face lift, it couldn’t get much better. But if you marry a salesman you can always expect he’s up to another deal.

In 1990  41 year old Ivana Trump was named Hotelier of the Year. But by then Donald was staying elsewhere. With the 20 year beauty  queen Marla Maples. She didn’t get mad she tried to get even. Half the estate. In her divorce papers she  claimed the next president raped her. Maybe he did grab on that first date.

Donald plays trillionaire to the voters but pauper to the tax man, settled in1992 for $15m. Now it seems Ivana having tasted German now moves further South for husbands. Ricardo Mazzucelli lasted two years but Rossano Rubicondi far less. As another dame said when asked how many husbands she had had,”Mine or other peoples.”Lawyers are kept pretty busy not least with libel suits from exes. Another $15m pay out is muted.

So Ivana plays business woman . Clothes, jewellery, books, TV shopping, Croatian real estate, Ivana shows that as with marriage you  cant always get you want, but you can try and with lawyers you can get pretty close.

She has made it up with Donald, so much so that she is punting herself, as back in the Maxwell Plum, this time as ambassador to the Czech Republic. Yes she can.  Always a legal immigrant she became a US citizen in 1988. She is pals with the third Mrs Trump, but doesn’t forgive Marla who in turn whines I was only twenty when it happened. How good a Netflix series is this going to make?

(link picture of Ivana, some of which is her own)


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3 Responses to Whatever Happened to Ivana Trump?

  1. Barbara says:

    Why don’t you start writing the Netflix series now – Joanna Lumley would be a shoe-in for Ivana and her childhood friend BoJo for Chump!

  2. Nick says:

    And when she lived in Montreal with her boyfriend (the sports shop guy), it was just across the street from Hugh’s father and brother on Lansdowne Ave.

    • itwonthurt says:

      I could go on, Hugh’s “father” also went to Charles U, Hugh’s cousins taught at McGill where Ivana did English lessons, Hugh also has a cousin who speaks Czech and knew a president and became an ambassador. Hugh also went to Maxwell’s Plum ,ten years too late.

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