Ding Dong The Bells

Ding Dong The Bells

Our darling Adelaide gets married tomorrow. Not like most of the family in some cute English parish church, no, on Clovelly  beach, north of  Coogee, south of Bondi. (see link)That is, in her home town of Sydney. A small affair, a celebrant and four guests. Leo who has just opened an office in Melbourne hopes to make it five. It will be at 8am ,”at the dawn of a new day”,before the crowds descend. In three weeks one hundred will come to  Brunswick House, Vauxhall for an eight hour celebration.

Some thoughts. It is always warming to see one’s children go through the gears of adulthood. The distinct personality, leaving home, forming relationships, the career and then the one. Nest building, wealth creation and parenthood often follow. For some the path is  not the one so often taken, so it goes. As a parent you play the cards you are dealt.  And its the children who deal. We live in a world of change ,the surprising thing is how conventional our children have been.

Marriages are not always forever but are always worthwhile while they last.  The new son in law Alex is a fine young man,a financial manager with a major retailer,athletic and loving, but one really hasn’t a clue. Who knows what goes on in any relationship? Among Vivien and I’s six siblings three have been divorced. Among the 100 on our Christmas card list 25 have moved on from their original partner.

But tomorrow is about coming together. Among other words spoken,

“I love you, Not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you.”

It is interesting to note that both Adelaide and Alex come from the Greater London area. They emigrated to find each other. It seems that the British in Oz are as socially distinct as the Aussies in Blighty. Given that neither tribe has racial or cultural differences this says an awful lot about the difficulties of first generation integration.

Enough of this,

Raise your glass, give a cheer/It is the surf of love you hear.


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4 Responses to Ding Dong The Bells

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    Beautifully spoken as only someone older could, but not every older person can.

  2. duncan willetts says:

    We the other half a Brit in Africa plus a Kenyan missus will raise a glass to our lovely Adi.. and Alex I was hoping she might meet a strapping Aussie Rugby Player…Love to the parents too…. Sorry we wont make England In December however..

  3. Charlotte Godd says:

    Hugh … this made me cry. Wishing A and A all happiness in their new life together. And that Leo makes it … i feel he will.

  4. Greta Chaffer says:

    Spoken as only Hugh could..wonderful and heartfelt..wishing you all the happiness and love Addy and Alex..Greta and Martin

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