Man Up

Man Up

So there has been kiddy fiddling in soccer. My my. The story is developing in the classic way. Decades of silence ,cover up, pay outs,lawyers and looking the other way, then a word, a shout, a chorus. A trickle becomes a wave, being sexually assaulted is worse than years in the trenches. Broken marriages, sleepless nights, suicide attempts, misery piles on misery. Good  crying is good television now watch them blub.

It took  thirty years for the Catholic Church to come “clean” and pay up. Every day more footballers come  forward, no wonder we fail , all our players are traumatised. Will the 1966 World Cup side be involved? Surely not, Nobby Stiles, Allan Ball, Sir Alf…… OMG. This will rumble on and on. But in the end the lawyers will keep a straight face as they thunder ,Its not about the money and the bureaucrats will altogether cry We have learnt the lessons. And a few saddos will spend  years in solitary. Families will gather outside of court rooms and chant Justice has been done, we did it for others.

But when the star darts player Eric Bristow started tweeting that if the soiled soccer players were real men they would stop playing victim and  sort out these paedos he created the predictable politically correct storm. Back came the reply. These men far from being wimps for not telling any one or doing anything were the bravest of the brave for appearing on day time TV.

But criticism of the virility and manhood of soccer players is justified. Sporting manhood is defined by skill, aggression  and resilience  all served on the toast of fair play. Today’s professional footballer lies and cheats at every opportunity, plays victim to real and imagined fouls, tries desperately to get his opponent booked and censured. Every throw in is lied about, every penalty call worthy of the Supreme Court.

When two 16 stone    rugby players collide, they get up and carry on. Look at or touch a soccer player ever so lightly and he goes down, writhing like a dying swan. And when the referee bows to his histrionics he gets up with a silly smirk and plays on. Professional wrestling never pretended to be a fair and  virile contest. It was a form of circus. Not a sport.

Soccer players since they play  theatrical victim so often on Saturday afternoons have themselves to blame when real victimhood occurs  and some query their status.

Look at this trailer and substitute dog collars for track suits.

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