Why I Am A Racist

Why I am a Racist

Racism is looking at a group of black guys differently

Racism is seeing a connection between the veil, honour killings, suicide bombing and FGM.

Racism is knowing most gun crime is black on black

Racism is noticing that English is only one of many languages spoken  in London

Racism is not feeling guilty about slavery and  recognising the role of African tribes and the Middle East in the trade.

Racism is taking the view that Africa is badly governed not because of  colonialism but because of personal greed and tribalism

Racism is recognising that black families suffer from the lack of fathers

Racism is wondering why the Somalis make so little effort to integrate

Racism is feeling that Diane Abbott works for the Tory Party

Racism is not understanding why if our culture is so putrid, degenerate and reactionary so many people want to live here.

Racism is not doing best friends.


Next  week I tackle sexism.

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2 Responses to Why I Am A Racist

  1. Racism once meant thinking the white race was superior to all others. It now has no determinate meaning.

  2. Gary Rees says:

    I have enjoyed reading and sharing your posts.
    Please do us all a favour and read Racism with no Racists at Shortlink
    As grandfather to two wonderful mixed-race kids I find this post thoroughly objectionable

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