Send Us Your Hungry

Send Us Your Hungry

Its not written on the Statue of Liberty but it should be. Just when I was beginning to wonder what was happening to  the land of the free,home of the brave and mass shootings I read about Miki Sudo. This Japanese American is three times world hot dog eating champion.

That is she has won Nathans Hot Dog Eating Competiton ,held(where else?) at Coney Island. She can  eat 40 hot dog and buns in ten minutes. For this she gets a boxing type champions belt, a free tshirt and $10k. But if you think thats gross, the male champ Joey “Hot” Chestnut can eat 70 hot dogs and bun in the same time.50,000 turn up to watch the event which gets over one million tv audience

Ms Sudo reckons she can do more, “at home I have done 50”. She trains with another competitor from the Major Eating League. “Eating hot dogs by yourself can be really discouraging, so it helps to train with someone who is as crazy (oh no)and passionate as you are. I do more than a dozen events a year and the sport gives me an opportunity to travel, meet fun people(oh yes indidee); some of the competitive eaters I’ve met are my best friends.”

Miki is one of a line of Japanese super eating champs. Is it their stomachs, their ability to debase themselves in public,their love of the surreal reality show? Whatever, for six years until 2006 Takeru  Kobayashi was men’s world champion. He took hot dog eating to a new level. Previous champs had eaten 25 but Takeru went to 50 in ten minutes . He fell out big time with the organisers and now holds rival shows. His technique was to break the hot dog in half,eat them and then the bun separately. This was named the Solomon Method.

Many take on only liquids before a competition. Some favour jumping up and down while eating,others sway to help digestion and avoid a “reversal of fortune” aka  vomiting. Whatever, the competition to get on the Hot Dog Hall of Fame is intense.

Last word from Miki “When I’m competing ,I don’t  even see the person standing next to me. I don’t even know how many hot dogs I’ve eaten. I’m just thinking that I’m not doing it fast enough.” Watch her win her first championship.




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One Response to Send Us Your Hungry

  1. “At home I have done 50.” That’s 14,500 calories, yet she isn’t fat. The video is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen. I hate to think she’s also bulimic.

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