Welsh Opera

Welsh Opera

Opera. It always starts with a beautiful girl. She dates the boy next door. But  he is poor, he tries but he cannot make ends meet. They have a child but they struggle. To support the family she starts “seeing” richer men. She likes the style. The poor boy friend is consumed with jealousy and commits suicide. She is then distraught and blames it all on her sugar daddy. She betrays him. He kills her. He then is cast into the  deepest dungeon. The fat lady sings and the opera finishes.

Opera stories,they are not meant to believable they are just a tree on which to hang the songs. But recently the above was acted out in real time,not in Madrid, Vienna or Verona but sweet Abergevenny down by the river Usk in rural South Wales. A town I know quite well,having dear friends nearby.

Georgina is big,blond fun loving girl. She may not have done well at school but she knows how many beans make five.At 18 she has breast implants which help her in her work in the strip clubs of Cardiff and Swansea. Her boyfriend Pete Deem is the love of her life but makes few waves. They have a child in 2010 when she is twenty. Friends show her that she could earn a lot more if she works as a call girl.

Peter Morgan is a successful businessman as is his father who recently  was awarded an MBE. Pete has various businesses and ends up owning considerable property with a value    of £20m. BY his early forties ,married with two children, he is seeing prostitutes. Successful men getting bored, wanting excitement, being able to afford it, getting it. It happens.

But 2011 ,significantly aged 49,he has what can only be called a mid life crisis. He buys a tank, a fire engine, he starts collecting guns and using sex for sale web sites. In May 2013 he pays £150 for an hour with Georgina. He phones the next day, and the next. He is besotted. He cant get enough. He’ll pay what it takes. He doesn’t want her to see anyone else.

He puts her into one of his bungalows,he pays her £10k a month. By the end she has £120k in the bank. Its all too much for Deem who takes an overdose. Georgina is distraught she plots revenge, she takes drugs, she takes another lover. “Rich Pete” suspects and plants a listening device in the bungalow.

Between November 2015 and January this year he listens to that device 500 times. By then he has heard enough,she is going to get the bungalow in her name and then leave him,she is going to blackmail him with saucy pictures,she has another.

Whatever, Rich Pete is used to getting what he wants and strangles her. She had done him wrong, sore wrong. And now he must spend 25 years behind  those grey stone walls. The fat lady sings.

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