One No Trump

One No Trump


It just gets better and better. Of course Trump established beyond any doubt that Hilary was a criminal and should be locked up. Ok only joking. Sure the Ruskies hacked into the Democratic Party computers but so what,the people have spoken.  But now we find that not only does big cock Trump go with prostitutes, oh come on guys,  who doesn’t, what are they for, but he pays those in Moscow to do frankly bizarre/interesting acts.

That is urinate on the bed that the President and First Lady Obama slept in. Now depending on which university you went to this jape may or may not appeal. There does seem something rather petty and bestial about it, but then Trump who on the campaign trail talked of the size of his member, the menstrual cycle of a journalist and  of below the belt howdoyoudodies is no stranger to the petty and the bestial.

All this has pedigree. LBJ is considered by many because of his Great Society a successful domestic president. He once told his aides to accuse  a congressional rival of  fucking pigs.  Whats the evidence? Dont worry. I just want to see him deny it.

No doubt Trump will deny hanky panky with Olga and her pals, Hilary denied wrong doing with  her web server, ex pm Cameron was once accused of swinish relations. We now expect our representatives to be muddied and bruised. Obama was  a saint and the people turned against him. The Catholic Church is full of saints and is losing popularity. Corbyn is a saint and therefore a joke. Trump is patently not a saint and he won. Go figure.

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