First Term

First Term

Octavia(4.5) after her success as an angel in the nativity play and  a bridesmaid in aunt Adelaide’s wedding now has had her first report from  Thomas’. Laugh or cry, you pays your money(a lot) and takes your choice.

“Octavia is a lovely girl who is a delight to have in the class….more settled…she is able to play with other children with less encouragement. Although a quieter member of the class  she is willing to answer questions on the carpet and demonstrates learning. Octavia struggles at times to maintain attention; however when working in small groups with an adult she is more focused. Letters are now accurately formed…impressed with (her)pencil grip. She is a good communicator and expresses her needs…always aware…tries hard…approaches lessons with enthusiasm. What a great term you have had Octavia.”

Early days, even this black heart has to smile. For the record my   letters are not accurately formed and my pencil grip is by no means perfect. Come on Thomas’ give the girl a break, ease up, get real. We know  where you live.

Go Little O, Go.



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2 Responses to First Term

  1. Rob Pemberton. says:

    No comment necessary save to say I hope Octavia doesn’t take up football. If she does I know who will be belting up and down the touch line shooting obscenities at the ref and the opposition ” come on ref you blind or summing…………………………………”

  2. itwonthurt says:

    Years ago when her father played for his school I was guilty of such behaviour,until, Leo turned and said, Dad you are crap at football,shut up. From then on I watched from behind a tree,lips firmly sealed.

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