Swimming for Putney-Weston super Mare

Swimming for Putney-Weston super Mare

The pool is at Hutton Moor  Leisure Centre just out of town. One bus an hour, so I took a taxi. The ten minute journey long enough for the Polish born driver to tell me in detail about how he and his local born wife handled the child minding arrangements in their family. I thought we were meant to bore them. But worse was to come.

Last Wednesday in the month,pool closed for training. Was I pissed,can we get you a cab. No. I got lucky. The bus stop told me one was due in ten minutes, in twenty it appeared. Destination Weston College. I knew there was a campus next to my seafront Royal Grosvenor Hotel. The bus zoomed past my hotel and onto , who knows where, the main Weston Campus.(The College is in process of growing even more by taking over the Winter Gardens on the front)

I pathetically asked the driver if he could take me back to town. I’m not meant to, but if you  sit in the back and are very quiet. OK, OK, I can do quiet. As he dropped me off he gave me the look that all townspeople give to tourists who seem to leave common sense at home. Mrs Thatcher said anyone over 30 who travels by bus is a loser. I’m seventy. She got me right.

So the next day its a taxi both ways. Entry £4.80. Total cost £15. Hotel costing me £30 a night. Putney swim £2.20;YMCA  swim £3.10 plus £3.50 river bus.

Hutton Moor very much a post modernist, what you see is what you get, loads of  pipes, multiple application facility. Its slogan “Affordable Fitness”. Well run, plastic corrugated roof. Wide 25 metre pool three lanes, the rest for fun swimmers. Once I got my clock wise/anti clock wise sorted, fine. Not too crowded, clean changing rooms,charming receptionists, no weight lifters.


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