Fog in Channel-Europe Cut Off

Fog in the Channel-Europe Cut Off


Oh dear. Ever since  we  decided to leave the EU our poor Euro cousins without nanny to hold their hands have gone into complete melt down. France  with its 10 %(x2 UKs) unemployment has enjoyed five nights of  rioting in Paris and one of the front runners in the Pres elections thinks there is nothing wrong in shovelling state gold to his  wife and kids. Think of our expenses  scandal and add three noughts. Vive la difference.

Romania is trying to legalise corruption. Greece is once more on the Euro ropes. If Greece bails out of the euro Italy and Portugal will not be far behind. And then the whole  EU deal will look like its a no deal. Germany is lurching to the  right under the  weight of a million refugees. Holland has decided it is fed up with being nice and liberal. Belgium,who cares?

The Italian government just lost a referendum which forced the PM to resign. But unlike in Britain this didn’t lead to an orderly transference, Just more chaos. But of course Italy even with 12% unemployment is used to that. Italy’s largest party is run by a comedian.

Spain and Portugal suffer 25% youth unemployment. Spain is also going through an orgy of corruption cases ,over 500 are in the dock and the top 15 cases involve 7 billion euros. The Czech parliament has been seriously compromised by Russian money. Hungary and Poland have turned themselves into one party authoritarian states who break a whole raft of the EU’s liberal rules(freedom of the press, independence of judiciary etc )

And now the Eurocrats, those  brain boxes who negotiated so well with Cameron have decided to declare war on Trump’s America. Bravo. Europe, great place for a holiday, shame about the future.

When looking at these Euro unemployment rates (see link)remember the UK’s is 4.8%. By most standards 4% is considered full employment. That is there are sick, those that cannot work, those imbetween jobs and  those on the move who are registered unemployed.



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4 Responses to Fog in Channel-Europe Cut Off

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    I object: Europe is still a save haven for many. Its not the economy, stupid.

  2. itwonthurt says:

    Haven?-shall we talk of French,Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian,Swedish even Dutch attitudes to refugees. And as for Clinton’s famous remark on the economy ,he was, we now know, in the end referring to his own rather than the nation’s.

  3. jim elson says:

    So did you vote Brexit?

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