Vanity All Vanity

Vanity All Vanity

I am vain. I regularly weigh myself. Between 13.9 and 14 stone since you ask. Up half a stone since I gave up trekking and running four years ago. Slight gut but not too bad. Enough I hope to be a fattist. One of the many things that binds our marriage is that the child bride and I are  iron cross members of the Fat is Ugly Party.

We both know that around 1960 there were very few fat people . Still none in Nepal. Now there are many and they are concentrated in what in politically incorrect terms are the poorer areas. Few in Putney,less in Hampstead more in Mitcham and go to somewhere like Hastings and it is a regular hippo farm. Eating too much of the wrong food ,sure is part of the story. Not enough exercise is another. AS important is social acceptance, where everyone is fat, everyone is fat.

Fat people are less attractive and therefore less employable, therefore it is hardly surprising concentrated in less competitive work environments such as, ironically the NHS and the Police . There are more fat people in the centre of Huddersfield than in the City. There are fat bankers and estate agents but not that many. There are a some who have fat related genetic problems-but where were their grandparents in 1960? There  is a   difference between fat and obese. Women after child birth have every excuse to be overweight but in middle class areas  wives work back to attractive shapes quickly, they live in a competitive world, they know that at a certain point there can be a turn off. Elsewhere the effort is not made.

The mainstream middle classes historically and culturally compete on every  level possible (family, school, looks, money, culture,etc)-which is what makes and keeps them middle class. Those that don’t compete are called drop outs. So those that go to fat have, at least on one level,have lost. The working class do not compete, they barely ask questions of each other, tolerance and live and let live is how you get by nearer the bottom of the ladder. Theirs is a non judgemental culture .

All this came to mind last week when the tabloid press ran stories of the world’s fattest woman 78 stone Eman Aty, a 36 year old Egyptian.(see link) She was craned and boxed out of her apartment which she had left for 25 years and shipped to Mumbia for treatment.

This led me to Britain’s fattest women Brenda Davies who died aged 44 weighing 40 stone three years ago. The story  got more bizarre  ,five years previously she had met and married 63 Ronald,who proudly told the tabloids that they broke the bed on their honeymoon. Then she was a lass of 29stone. By the end the bed having been mended she could not leave it and a fridge was placed next, so that she could “indulge in her addiction to 6000 calories a day.”

This morning I had gone down 1lb, 13.8. Yes!

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One Response to Vanity All Vanity

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    Real hippo farms (how funny, this sounds) we saw in the Mid West in the US. Better than Hastings, I suppose

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