Tamil Nights and Stays 3

Tamil Nights and Stays. 3

Its not who you know but who you meet.


Waiting at Heathrow can be a dull   experience which even retail therapy cannot cheer. But as we waited for our flight to Chennai we met three ladies. Blessed and full of the spirit latter day saints. For they were missionaries from The Greater Grace World Outreach  Church. They had been to a conference    in Budapest and were flying back to their mother church in Baltimore. Oh Lordy, here was sport.

Their church had been started by Pastor,Jesus loves you deeply, Carl Stevens and now has 550 churches worldwide(3 in the UK) and has 1000 missionaries bringing the good news. The web site tells us that Pastor Stevens went to heaven in June  2008. Show me the way home, Carl!

Back to our ladies. The  conference had been full of like minded, bible loving people, all full of the Holy Spirit. “It was like being in heaven”. What? How can you be sure that heaven is similar to being in a conference chamber with like minded people. It sounds like Hell to me. “No,no the joy was there,the spirit was in the room.” Fine, we move on

Evolution,come on girls. Well cr,eation  maybe was not  six days it may have been 6000 years.  But still how does that explain dinosaurs, geology, space. Well before the flood men lived to be 200   ,time was different.OK its mumbo jumbo time. It works for you,you’re lucky.One last question. Trump ,how did it happen?

They gave me the sincere look of those who have a direct line and said,”We had no choice” They had prayed and the spirit told them there was no other way. Well Alleluia. Bon voyage sisters. I don’t think we will meet on the other side.

Breakfast in Pondy

The big breakfast table at the Gratitude was where we met a Swiss German who had been to 93 countries(omg), the Parisian cousins, Melissa from the Sunday Times and Knut Axel Jacobsen. Knut and I got on. He a professor from Bergen who had written 30 books on Indian Philosophy, not least its effect on the development of yoga. With my kids books on the history of engineering and jobs in the hotel industry we were of course  like  spirits. He spoke half a dozen Indian languages and could read Sanskrit. My support of Arsenal gave me a deep understanding of zombie type yogic behaviour.

I insisted on talking about the Muslim faith,it was the time of the Westminster Bridge attack. There was also a book out ,pointing out how much the Raj had pillaged India.

Knut did not agree. He felt that the Brits by getting rid of the  Muslim Moghuls allowed Hinduism to flourish like never before. He also felt that the Indians using the sins of the Raj,now dead 70 years, as the reason for poor governance, hopeless infrastructure and widespread corruption was a little ridiculous. Three cheers  for Knut. Whose brother KP used to be a great favourite.

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