We Must Talk About Manny

We Must Talk About Manny.

For the suburban Englishman French politicians are a source of constant pleasure. Their secret families, the multiple partners,the mothers of their children they never marry but employ,the wives they pay from government funds, dressing up as dispatch riders to visit their lovers, falling for pop stars,it goes on. Vive la difference. And then we come to Emmanuel Macron the presidential front  runner. He,as you do, married his school teacher. Of course he is a bit of swat.always top the class,”mais c’est ridicule”. For now he is forty and she the chosen one,the  premier dame presumptive is 57.

Now I am seventy if my bride was 17 years older she would be 87. I am not sure how our recent three week trip across Southern India would have gone. And  whether  adult pleasures would still be on the sheets. Peut etre non. So although one tries to be broad minded I’m not sure how this marrying your mother works. Marrying your father ,is different and another subject.

The Macrons have been together twenty years which in French political circles is the best since De Gaulle .Marriage sans age frontiers has a chance if your mum is as  good looking and sexy as  Brigitte Macron. (see link ) She could pass for at least ten years younger.

They met when the lad was 15 and she was his drama(naturalement) teacher. Now all teenage boys have a hard spot for a lively and attractive  drama  teacher. Its a phase. But this was more.As she so charmingly said “he was not like the others.”. But she was married and he of tender years. He went to Paris but couldnt  wash that girl out of his hair so, despite family opposition(you can imagine!), when he was eighteen they married. So far so good.Though the mischievous press have been sniding that  she is a “beard” and his real sexual interest lie elsewhere.

While the press do have a fascination for older lady romance it usually boils down to callow youths who like the direct, no nonsense, confidence of older professional and still physically fit women in their forties and fifties. When 18 marries 35 it may say something about the older woman’s previous, the younger partner’s vigour, it may be a marriage made in heaven, it may end in him visiting an people’s home or claiming a carer’s allowance. Alors,vive la difference.


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One Response to We Must Talk About Manny

  1. duncan willetts says:

    Shes terrible…All new teeth and numerous face lifts it looks like

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