Our MP Justine is one, the Tories great hope in Scotland Ruth also, we know several, in Hollywood its the way  to go. Queen Victoria may not have had a clue, but as the slogan states “Lesbians are  fucking everywhere.”

So with  a bid  to widen my bigoted horizons I went with my child bride to see the Korean lesbian flick Handmaiden.(see link) Based on a story by English sapphist Sarah Waters. Call me old fashioned but I do get aroused by the sight of well made ladies  going down on each other. While men may fear throat cancer from similar     acts these babes were without fear. But  unlike most porn movies there were not only production values, great scenes and a story which would have confused  even Tarantino.

Basically in the movie  the men are into porn,they sit  around in dinner jackets listening to girls reading out dirty bits. Now in the  pc world, porn is foul and degrading so    those  who walk  in its vile undergrowth receive no mercy. The girls on the other  hand who discover the joys of lesbian sex which is approved  of in the pc canon, triumph.

In the mean time there is a convoluted story. Koreans pretend to be Japanese and live in English country houses. A  handsome con man seems to be at different times  using one or other of the girls for an old fashioned spot the lady, three card hustle. All under the auspices of the man with the greatest collection of antique porn. The Guardian critic along with many gave the film four stars and said “Its an outrageous thriller drenched in eroticism.”

Vivien thought the film too long(no lesbian she), I thought the sex scenes were great  and the film just about worked as an adult fable.

The next day at the YMCA pool two young  Far Eastern ladies were in the shallow end giggling and stroking each other. I took off my goggles  and watched.  Were they handmaidens or mere nymphs? Give me a break, I was in my speedos. I rushed to the changing room. There  I saw a man with pierced nipples. Its not getting any easier.

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