Stand Up

Stand Up

At the end of road is the fine Young’s pub “Half Moon”. Most famous as a music venue, its tribute bands often sell out. But once a month its Stand Up comedy. I go. This week’s was poor. Around  fifteen in an auditorium made for 200, usually its  more. But  with seven comics on show there was an interesting imbalance, if only the comics had joined the audience!

The compere did  his best and exhorted us to make the noise of a larger group. Usual gambits of making the audience tell their most significant moments. Wales reaching the Euro semis, drinking, meeting my husband. stuck in a   lift gave him  something, but not much to work on. As usual the first two(debutants?) were pretty  dire. The first talked about having a yummy mummy but  being in love with his father. My parents  had been together  for a life time,they were brother and sister.

The second a Jewish lesbian tried to make something of her Roman Catholic girlfriend.  “Nice to have a partner with the same bits.” What laughs Woody Allen would have got, she didn’t. Up popped a camp gay boy who did a pretty good canter across the course.

After the interval came the A team. A bit better. One made a surreal connection between snooker and detectives, it only just  failed but a noble attempt. Then came an Irish  comic who with the usual charm pointed out the differences between the two sides of the Irish Sea. He pointed out that his son became  junior form rep on the promise of bringing  back dinosaurs, when he asked him how he addressed his failure, “Dad I said I would try and bring back dinosaurs.”  Top of the bill just about deserved his billing, he didn’t need his prompt and had a  machine gun rattle of one liners. “I have three children,14, 10 and 8. Original names, don’t you think?”

He then got into a riff about the age of sexual consent. He asked for alternatives. I offered 35. He asked how old I was. 36. What a life you’ve had, he quipped.

How we laughed.

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