Hard Rain Falling

Hard Rain Falling.

As for everyone the black cloud from Manchester has obliterated my sun. The other  day I came across Patti Smith singing Dylan’s Hard Rain Falling at the Nobel Prize ceremony last year. It suits my mood. Its worth looking at.


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5 Responses to Hard Rain Falling

  1. Ros ridal says:

    Too awful. So so sad. Beautiful song sung brilliantly even with forgotten words which she handled superbly. It made it even better in a strange way.

  2. itwonthurt says:

    The way she so gracefully recovers doubles its intensity and power.

  3. David of Bedchester says:

    The Saturday FT’s discussion on the “pop” disc of the week was the story of “Hard Rain Falling” and its meaning when written in 1962.

  4. Stephen Dover says:

    Very moving

  5. Legs says:

    What a choice. Tears in the eyes. One has to question the world still
    Legs x

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