Should He Go Or

Should He Go Or

So Arsene Wenger stays at Arsenal  for another two years at  £8m a go. Once again he has done enough and over his 21 years has been a fantastically successful manager. But a lot of fans are fed up with not challenging  for the major trophies and they feel  a change could be the answer. Of course in most other clubs a new manager means more of the same or worse. (see Utd, City, Liverpool, Everton even on occasion Chelsea)

But why would Wenger want to stay? At 67 he is already a rich and successful man, a man who has made his mark. The next two years will either end in tears or be same as, same as.

Many see retirement as a kind of sacking. Not a phase    of life like being a student  but a sentence dished out by the market place. Something to be avoided. Many cannot bear the thought of a life without a management structure and an economic purpose. Without those ingrained realities they see little point in any activity. Depression  and worse can follow. Better to soldier on, at least that preserves occupational status and  social meaning.

All of which is exaggerated when you are a successful boss of a major football club. All of the above and you are the queen bee in a hive of emotion, power, shared dreams and  constant drama. Not to mention the money and incessant management games played on every level and dimension. Wenger we know is a football nerd, his favourite places in London are the Arsenal stadium and training ground. He  hasn’t got  Ferguson’s horses,or Hodgson’s books. He has the Arsenal.  Despite recognising the 24/7 nature of the job and its domestic effects, his twenty year relationship with the mother of his daughter broke down last year.

Understandably he didn’t want to be drummed out. If he was going it would be when and how he wanted. As far the money men at Highbury are concerned he is a good bet for he makes them what they count. The   value of Arsenal has doubled in the last two years. For the fans Glory and sport is what fuels their allegiance, the team has played badly too often and Glory has been on short rations .The Cup Final win gave Wenger a chance to go out on a high. He didn’t  take it.

Football is a funny(ha,ha) game. Arsenal won the Cup with wins against two non League sides,in the semi they could have been three down at half time,they won the Final with  an illegal goal. Lady Luck is a whore and Wenger doesn’t use them.

Watch the man blub

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