More Tears To Come

More Tears to Come


We will never stop radicalised Muslims committing mass murders. Throughout the world for a variety of reasons senseless mayhem takes place. In Brazil there are 40,000 murders a year, in Mexico 25k,USA 12k and in the Uk 770.

In the USA  it is reckoned a mass shooting(4plus) takes place every two weeks. In 70 per cent of theses case the killer either commits suicide or is killed by the police. So even without radicalisation there are mainly young men who for greed, honour, as an expression of their hopelessness/revolt, hearing voices, conspiracy theories, cult beliefs will go out and kill and die. The reason is less important than the compulsion Simply wishing to dramatise their lives is a good enough reason suicide missions in any faith or cause.

The idea that people from another culture, faith, colour will totally integrate is fanciful. They may assimilate they may find ways of cooperating,they may get on, coexist,some will inter marry and boundaries may become blurred but not invisible. And  when you have the globalisation of certain communities where contact with the old country is never lost but actively pursued then the  confusion of identity and tension becomes even more likely. Against that,today, there is no way we can live in homogenous societies. In my nearly all white street I can count ten nationalities.

It is not difficult for some in the Middle East to talk of them and us. Throw in tensions between generations, the angst  and anxiety of young people every where, the legitimisation of despair by social networks, the need to blame which many feel and you have a  formula where it is surprising we do not have more incidents.

Maybe like  the anarchists in the 19th century “all victims are guilty” it will blow over. Unlike with the Basques or the IRA there is no way there can be a discussion between our society and those who want to impose extreme sharia law. We can huff and we can puff, we can stop and arrest many but some as we have seen will always get through. Some through error, some because of our liberal system, some because one morning they just  heard a voice.

PS On the election. As a working Tory Mrs  May has been profoundly disappointing as a leader, strategist and personality. Just as  Cameron’s appeal grew, May’s keeps going south.  The fact that she  is going to win big says how little campaigns count and how off the radar Labour has sunk.

PPS To cheer you up on this dismal day. In pure B&W, our Vera hams it up big. She is now 100.










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4 Responses to More Tears To Come

  1. Corbyn’s star has risen because he has been doing the only thing he is good at: making rousing speeches to his supporters.

    • itwonthurt says:

      His star also rose because he had been so written off. May on the other hand was over sold and performed badly. Hopefully the skills you have to display in campaigning bear no reflection on how you govern. Unfortunately I am not confident.

  2. Rob Pemberton. says:

    The labour machine got behind Corbyn, he did a good job moderating his presentation and rhetoric . Those with short memories or little knowledge of his past and voted for him will regret doing so, if by some miracle he gains a degree of power in the next Parliament. This country of ours will be unrecognisable.

  3. Wim Denslagen says:

    Have we done enough in diplomacy and financial aid to enhance mutual understanding (I mean of course the heart breaking attacks)? I think not.

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