Last Wish Fulfilled

Last Wish Fulfilled


The man faced the firing squad. In a few minutes it would all be over. Extinction,the end. Offered one last wish the man declined a cigarette or a drink but started to talk to the soldiers. Are you sure you know what you are doing, isn’t there another way. They got talking and the soldiers realised that he wasn’t a terrorist but a reasonable fellow. They put down their  arms and let the man free, as he left the stockade they cheered. A remarkable turn around.

Although they got less  votes,less seats Labour is that man. Instead of extinction the party is poised to win the next election. No wonder they are celebrating as if they won. The Tories like a side who missed an open goal, had a penalty saved but still scrapped through are the side in the deepest mourning and disarray.

As in sport so in politics, its rare for two sides to play well at the same time. And as in all contact activities one thing is for sure in political campaigns, whatever the plan,  events will force  a change. How you handle the inevitable stumbles are very much the test. May failed big time, but she still got the most votes.

Corbyn also is  a man who has spent his whole career in front of baying mobs. He knows how to handle himself, given the tabloid frenzy against him the fact he was human and well spoken came to many as a delightful  and attractive surprise. However although Labour is now very much back in the game it didn’t win, though it must feel the tide is now with it.

May felt all she had to do was get on the election express, roar around the country picking up votes and seats. After the Junker spat it all went wrong. The train broke down, started to go the wrong way and all the time May kept waving as if instead of being stuck in a siding she was still going full pelt up the  main line to a glorious victory.  She wasn’t.

In fact the figures tell most of the story. During the election May went from an approval rating of +36 to+ 6 while Corbyn went from -23 to +30. Comparisons have been with May and Clinton. Both ran lack lustre campaigns, underestimated their opposition and offered more of the same. Certainly, but although May got a bloody nose, she still won. Corbyn now must show that he can lead as well as campaign. There have already been two votes of no confidence by his MPs.

A week ago this was all most unlikely, although  for some weeks the poll momentum has been pointing to a Labour recovery. Britain once the most stable democracy now joins the pack of countries where there is  a mismatch between what the people want and what politicians can give. In some  countries the people just give up and say, go on be a dictator, it cant be worse.  At least the trains will run on time.

Supposing the Tories hang on for some time,maybe even five years, who knows what the post Brexit game will be then? Predicting politics is difficult, I lost £100 on the size of the Tory revival in Scotland. I said less than ten seats. Moral. Never bet against your own side. You can lose twice over

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