I am not a great fan of the TV series, barely watching.  But no one can avoid the hype. I watched this week and  the story is pure panto. There is a good guy who smoulders. There is a  bad  guy who is cruel and heartless. He has a mentor who wears a wig which is to remind you that his day job is  as a hanging judge. Various women are in between.  Bodices are ripped, shirts are taken off, and as elsewhere the hardly subtle scythe is grabbed with both hands and moved rhythmically in a  wonderfully Freudian movement.

When ever the story flags which is quite often someone gets on a horse and gallops with a brave silhouette across the same cliff. This is done at various times of the day and the audience must stay awake to spot whether it is am or pm. This week’s episode made a great deal of the eclipse of the moon.

This allowed all kinds of folksy types in what I presume were Cornish accents to say immortal tosh like “With a dark moon nothing good can come of it.”, while wagging a  wise peasant head “it doesn’t bode well” ,unfortunately nobody bothered to say what is always a great back stop in these scenes ”Master I will go no further.”

For some reason in this week’s episode there was a lot of dying, premature birth and amazing sacrifice by doctors. It was like  a costumed Casualty which itself is only an updated Emergency Ward Ten with sex and therapy. One of the standbys of Poldark is of course the tin mine. This allows trouble, sacrifice, heroics, corporate skulduggery, ”Master don’t go  down there when the moon is dark”.

But  he never listens, he is born to be wild  , he is a man who never shaves, often take takes off his shirt, rapes one of the women who loves him, says sorry to another, is loved by all and smoulders. And often rides across the cliff. Though this week totally unconvincingly he sprinted (fully clothed)across a beach.

No, no jogging as a therapy comes three hundred years later. But beach scenes   are good ,for as with scythes, crashing waves ever since From Here to Eternity(see link) mean natural force, inevitability and tidal beauty-that is the kind of sex we all want. Irresistible- which of course Poldark isn’t.







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  1. itwonthurt says:

    Do you care? you big softy

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