Baby Driver

Baby Driver

Friday was a hot day and some pilgrims dozed in the garden, others watched the cricket or tennis. I  took the Ozzie path and went for the air conditioning at the Odeon. Five star rated Baby Driver the attraction. Two others joined me for the 3pm show. Their first date perhaps?

Its not his fault. Blame the parents. He drives for the Usual Suspects. Violence in thought, word and deed their business. He ends up killing, stealing,causing mayhem. But its not his fault. He is just a good ol’ boy, baby faced who falls as we all do for the slightly off blonde waitress in the diner who like  him was in the wrong  place at the wrong time.

His mum’s good looking,and she can sing but his old man is a drinker and they fight. He is in the back seat listening to music as a fight develops into the  fatal crash which totals his parents. His is orphaned and traumatised, forever more into music and cars. For him music is the food of driving,and he drives  a lot and how! But its not his fault.

But the film is not just about him,its car chases,its music and some, its also about breaking car windows. And for me its about Don Draper, The Prince of Madmen playing a Usual Suspect. He doesnt shave, he has a border line hair cut, he has an in your and her face relationship with Bonnie. And he  cannot be  killed. He is often shot, often in car crashes, thrown off the top floor, put in a no survivor fire and still he is there for the last scene.

Baby Face is given one last job. We all know one last job in dick flicks are a no go.  Like the last day at work for the a detective/lawyer/ doctor ,something to be  avoided. Unless you are the desperate  script writer,then its a must, don’t do it,oh go on,just this once and give the story wings.

But its not his fault ,and its not real life, so there can,  and must be a Happy Ending. The slightly off blonde is waiting as he gets parole after five years. After all he is nice to victims and good to disabled black folk,and he doesn’t smoke. Whats not to like.  So he is guilty, but its not his fault, so is let out early,  not a story one often hears in the  US justice system. But off course as a dick flick /fairy story with evil Usual Suspects killing for kicks and jiving for the Devil, Kevin Spacey sleep walking  and  car chases agogo,  the movie works.

As a dick flick, its pretty hard on,I nearly loved it,the child bride would have hated almost every minute. She doesn’t do day time cinema.








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