Don’t Talk About Brexit

Dont Talk About Brexit

This week’s blockbuster movie “Dunkirk” was not released accidentally. The heroic  story of how British pluck, ingenuity and character overcame nasty Germans and their allies and friends the Rumanians, Hungarians, Italians, Spanish and Portuguese etc is being shown as the Brexit negotiations get underway. How we left  Europe and saved the world  will of course be the Brexit story and so Dunkirk has been released to remind that even without Richard Todd, Kenneth Moore and  Jack Hawkins we  can   still do it.

But other films need to be  released to remind us of the Brexit spirit.

The Great Escape. Here plucky British politicians successfully, against all the odds, plot how to free themselves from the prison camp of Europe.

Bridge on the River Kwai- Gutsy British pensioners living on the Costa Brava show discipline and composure while Eurocrats try and make their life hell.

Schindlers List. While many Europeans starve and worse,brave  British businessmen take in the poor and the hungry.

Dam Busters. Here while struggling to come to terms with life after Brexit,the UK  scores a massive victory against German industry.( see link-The True Story That Thrilled The World)

DDay. Brexit  having proven to be     great success we launch an invasion of the EU which frees others from the jackboot of Junker and the riding crop of Tusk.

Das Boot. Here  we recognise that there  are good Germans who fight honourably  for their country but unfortunately are  on the wrong  and losing side.

Downfall. Five years on as Britain flourishes and the EU drowns under refugees, bust banks, failed states, red tape and corruption we observe the last days in the Brussels bunker.

(Dambuster trailer,a period classic, worth looking at in its own right if only for the non pc name of the dog)

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  1. Nick Leslie says:

    fucking brilliant…

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