Silly Girl Silly Season

Silly Girl, Silly Season


With so much politics around I was fearing that the silly season when the media gets dominated  by David Beckham changes hairdresser type stories, was never going to come. But come it has ,with a rash, a manure    cloud, an epidemic of Princess Diana stories. It is twenty years since dear Jesus in his wisdom claimed this saint for more important work.

Here was the beautiful  girl who was dragged screaming into  Westminster Abbey to marry a self proclaimed Royal fruit cake, which started a twenty year  full on two way mutually satisfying romance with the world’s media. In no particular order she contracted every   eating disorder going, danced with the stars, had children, found her fruit cake  of her husband was having an affair, did likewise with a not so gallant army officer who ended  on Augustup trying  to sell the letters, having seen the film she then had a thing with the royal Bodyguard. Got a divorce, went full on with  a Pakistani born heart surgeon who after he said no started to stalk him and  text him while he was in the operating theatre. Apparently she was so keen on Dr Khan that she actually read both Grays Anatomy and the Koran so they could be closer. It is not reported whether they were the only books she ever read.

Of course she used her  fame to publicise the perils of land mines and the inhumanity  shown to Aids victims. But then to show life is not all charity work and being the best  single mum in the world she has an affair with Didi Fayed. A man with yachts, cars, a rich daddy and one thought-if that. Any one who saw  the statue Mohammed Fayed out up in Harrods realised how tatty and sad that relationship was.

So when I hear the much married brother of Diana reprising and exploiting  again his funeral eulogy which centred on family values, when I hear the royal brothers  exposing the feminine and the fruit cake side of their heritage, I know that more silly season stories are  on their way. Soon giant the jelly fish  will be seen in Morecombe Bay , live  prawns will be found in a paella, Boris Johnson will comb his hair, Corbyn wont leave a tip,there will be traffic  chaos outside Dover and   football clubs will be selling their shirts for rip off prices. And no doubt it will rain on August Bank Holiday.

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