Queen Ann Dresser

Queen Anne Dresser


Watching the lacklustre  RSC’s production of  Queen Ann had its moments. The plot revolved around dominating favourite Sarah Duchess of Marlbrough’s  waning influence over the dull Queen. An influence which was essential if her husband the Duke was to have his war paid . Others plotted against and a new favourite was found in Abigail Masham. Here was the start of the two party system ,spearheaded by maids in waiting. All kinds of lesbian(now so popular in UK politics) cards were played, hinted at and used in the royal bedroom capers.

Well if she did swing, she swung both ways. She  and her hubby George of Denmark did try and try again for the Protestant dynasty. (In the wings waited  other Catholic Stuarts)Pregnant seventeen times, five births  and no surviving kids. No IVF for this poor queen, all she could do was pray and she did that  a lot. Guess  what, it made no  difference.

Maybe a bit of play time with her girl friends was well earned.  Royals, dontcha  luv ‘em. Her great grandfather James 1  who was a one for the lads famously said,” If Jesus  could have his John, why cant I have my  George(Duke of Buckingham).”

Anyway as someone who had some professional experience of public relations/management consultancy the play rang some bells. PR and consultants  like jesters make their clients happy, they bring good news, they can almost get instant results, their job is to talk the talk not the harder stuff. The accountant, lawyer,production and hr managers usually only bring bad news ,slow solutions and problems. The waffle boys with their razzle dazzle can often get the client’s  ear. And with that comes power, and with that comes a sense of disproportionate  importance, which can lead  to a forgetting of place. The client is  after all the  boss and although may not have flash pr skills probably has got something,otherwise  why is he/she the client.

So Sarah because she physically dominated Anne felt she  could  treat her mean and keep her keen. But Anne had abilities and  Sarah like all those near the purse strings was in a competitive  business. But like many in the favourite business she forgot the world is a dynamic place,and changes, and over played a dated hand.



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