A Day to Remember

A Day to  Remember


The matinee of Our Sisters of Perpetual Succour ,such a hit at last  year’s Edinburgh was massively  disappointing. Teenage jokes about  blow jobs and anal sex told in a indecipherable Glasgow accent,

a few   screeching songs some dancing and we are back to the jokes. Which I and the and the   rest of the sell out audience  didn’t  get.

But coincidentally old pal John Hyatt was there. We had a  quick after show drink, he left ,I finished  went to the loo with a view to going home.

I woke up blooded and  bruised in an ambulance  on its way to St Thomas.I had slipped on the steep stairway ,concussed, recieved  all round bruising,facial cuts and a dislocated  finger. And no clue. Still no memory of the event.

Then followed the dark journey into the night, tests,more  tests, bed here,trolley there. More tests and questions. The cut to my eye had closed it, the bruising to my side had made movement impossible. The wounds to my head needed stitching.my disjointed finger throbbed. I started to hallucinate .

Slowly it came back. By midnight I was in a ward,which turned out to be on the 11th floor with the most spectacular view of the majestic Thames as it stretches from Westminster to the homely West.  But still hadnt much clue. Nurses took my temperature and  blood count every half hour as I was with my serious head wounds,  under 24 hour observation. My neighbours were ,one dieing and crying out  f or pain killing morphine and the other a charming insurance broker with mucked up knee operations.

The long night finally ended. Various nurses and doctors turned up promising this that and the other analysis and treatments, Which came eventually. Nurses wandered around offering drugs,   refreshments, clean  linen and no idea about what was happening and when, As breakfast morphed into a good lunch a discharge seemed close. Complicated by fact they that they  lost my shoes. They  found  me some trainer s and eventually the real things were  couriered  to me.

I was home by 3pm, a play to forget a night to remember. With cuts and bruises to keep me company for some time to come. Life is but a  dream which can turn into a nightmare.

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5 Responses to A Day to Remember

  1. Charlotte Good says:

    U r obviously in great discomfort but the words tell me u r on the mend. Happy recovery in the care of Nurse Viv. Xx

  2. David of Bedchester says:

    Oh dear! What gapes we get up to when let out on our own! Nurse should be more careful with her charge.

  3. David of Bedchester adds says:

    Perhaps on second thoughts you may have been pushed by the Putney Bridge jogger!

  4. itwonthurt says:

    Don’t worry folks, all part of the silly season

  5. Ros ridal says:

    Hope you’re on the mend. Sounds like an evening you’d rather forget … well, forget the parts you remember ! Get well soon

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