Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing.

We watched it last week. That is before Delilah was born. First some friends we respect went on and on about it,then our five year old grand daughter insisted on doing the moves which we had to judge and spout ridiculous comments. So we thought,four years late, lets watch.  Basically  we are a couple of puritans , on tv we  like serious things like documentaries, nature films,anything with a sub title,the news. Definitely not peak viewers on Saturday  night. We flee to Netflix or BBC4.

So we  said on with split skirt,the perma tan,the seqins,the blond locks,the tight trousers,the oh so macho  hairy chest, the dazzling smile and lets dance. And what do we find?

Its gay in almost every sense of the word, and no worse for that. (happy, joyful, fun/camp, fussy, artificial) Its light entertainment, variety once billed as old hat returning  in a new shape. Costumes, audience participation,girls just this side of soft porn,men without an inappropriate (or any?)thought in their body, familiar  tunes, big production values, and thats just the judges.

No, the judges bring the slight element of drama  and the awful jokes without which no panto would dare show its painted and predictable face. The gushing interviews which are a part of the whole fairy glamour have the couple repeating sweet sounding sparkling clichés which are only matched by the feeling that as they speak the words smell like some sweet  up market air freshener. All easy on the eye and even easier on the brain. And the dancing, gymnastics with cleavage,too frenetic to be fore play but there are the hints of more than just washing up going through the couples’ minds.

The judges bring in the good and evil element without which the drama would die. Some play the strict part, some play the  dance part but all of them come and come again with the mock seriousness that something important is going on. And thats its success, its light entertainment, it doesnt matter, its froth, its a  laugh. But like professional wrestling the audience take sides, as does the tabloid press,so its rigged,so its phoney , so no one has a clue, so what,get with it, relax. Some critics moaned that as it became less dancing and more prancing it would lose it popularity. Wrong, with a 10 million plus audience,  the show goes from strength to strength. But sadly without the Puritan Pair from Putney.

Meanwhile Delilah is one day old, she has lived her life not as if but because  it was her first. She and Vicky have returned home and we see her at lunchtime.










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