Lay of Modern Putney

HGT off to Oz to see a mate

Spoke;death come to everyman soon or late,

Isnt it better do go Down Under on a heart felt break

Watching the fireworks , the cricket and the New Year take.

(Apologies Lord Macaulay)

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4 Responses to Lay of Modern Putney

  1. Ros ridal says:

    Heart felt best wishes for a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming you back to festing road!

  2. David of Bedchester says:

    Then up sprang proud Horatio, the Captain of the Gate………..
    Glad you’re up for some home work!

  3. Victoria Hunt says:

    Can’t keep a good man down. Looking forward to the daily blog resumation ….
    Victoria and Martin

  4. Charlotte Good says:

    Hugh,good to know that even from sick before u have words of prose. Good on yer, mate. Xx

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