Refugee Swap

As part of the Barnaby Joyce soap opera, PM Turnball is visiting Trump, big boy Barnaby is on holiday,parliament isnt sitting and we had a lovely lunch overlooking Palm Beach.

One of the matters Turnball and Trump will be dicussing is the “dumb deal”hatched by Obama  for the two countries to swap illegal immigrants. The Ozzies got tough with the armadas of illegals coming from Bangladesh,Indononesia,Phillipines, Iraq etc and started stopping them on the high seas and putting them in detention camps in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere.1250 are so camped.Out of sight if not out of mind but a little bit embarrassing for a Western democracy but it did stop the illegal boat people.

Meanwhile the USA has a similar problem with those trying to get in from El Salvador, Honduras ,Hiati etc. ,these unfortunates are locked up in Costa Rica. The blessed Obama had the inspired idea of a refugee swap. Of course Trump demounced it as the “worst deal ever” and threatened top ull out.Turnball got on the phone and pointed out the special relationship and that a deal was a deal, but the numbers were up to Trump.

This week nearly 200 would be Australians are on their way to the US of A. And 30 would be Yanks are about to find out what Captain Cook was on about.

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