None for the Road

None for the Road

The post open heart regime is two units(two glasses of wine) a day and two alcohol free days a week. The days when alcoholics were advised not to drink more than a litre a day are sadly long gone. So how’s it going? I have exceeded two units  about half a dozen times in six months and though there have been alcohol free days, the two days a week  I have found impossible. Even two glasses makes enough difference to look forward to and relish.

(A major plus of cutting down from 13 units(3 pints, a double and three glasses ) a day has been my weight has stayed a stone and half less than  pre op.)

My hero Chris Hitchens  admitted to at least a bottle of wine plus a few scotches every day. Doctors always double whatever  you  admit.Delightfully he wrote in  his autobiography, “Alcohol makes people less tedious and food less bland as well can help to  provide inspiration”(to say nothing of a sex life.).

Anyway the Hitch gives us some golden rules of drinking which are worth repeating if coming a bit late in my alcohol reduced state.

Dont drink on a empty stomach; the main point of drink is the enhancement of food

Dont drink if you have the blues, its a junk cure

Drink when you are in a good mood

Cheap booze is a false economy

Drinking alone can involve the happiest glasses you ever drain

Hangovers are a bad sign

Not remembering an even worse sign

As is having a drinking start time

Narcotics make you  even more boring

Never think about driving even you have taken a drop

The Hitch died aged 63. Which proves  anything you want.

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