The blog is named after the last words of Hunter S. Thompson before he blew his brains out. These words were:

Relax, it won’t hurt.

I am a retired journalist. For years I wrote crap and rewrote even worse press releases. Yet I realised I only thought properly when I wrote. Hence the blog. It’s the almost random thoughts, experiences and fantasies of a suburban man who never made his escape. So I write a blog, every day, to give me the momentum and the sweet flow of nearly seamless creativity. We ride for the Rio Grande.


3 Responses to About

  1. austen righton says:

    i was at clayesmore when nick zelle was fired. Being only 14 i was and still am mystified about what actually happened. Perhaps you could enlighten me.
    He took us on 2 ski trips, where we could do as we pleased……taking up smoking for one (a habit i still have). I also remember him letting me use his accommodation to watch tv even if he wasn’t there.
    About the only teacher I look back on with fond regard.

    kind regards

    Austen Righton

  2. Philip Pegler says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog entries. They provoke broader thinking and turn on lights in the rooms we’d rather leave dark.

    Howard Burnham is my Dad; I gather you guys were at school together.


  3. Hugh's Mum says:

    Fuck you, Hugh, you racist cuntbag. Wandsworth doesn’t want you, and neither does the rest of the world. Also, your writing is corny and dull, you prick.

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