Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!


The phone rang at about 9pm Friday. We knew. Sure enough via Leo’s iphone we were skyped onto the wedding beach. Clovelly,Sydney. Briefly,virtually  we became part of the movie.

Delightful. Adelaide, bold and beautiful, wearing the beach dress designed by Leo’s wife Vicky ;  Alex , lean and handsome, tall  and smart in his long blue shorts. Both  as happy as sunshine, as skittish as ponies and as playful as butterflies. So much joy, so much obvious pleasure in each other’s commitment. You could touch it.

The bright sky, morning sun and calm sea, usually such powerful images were reduced to stage sets by the refreshing flowers which danced on the beach .

For a few minutes we all burbled like gurgling streams, how do you talk a hug a smile. A lifetime. You try. We didnt feel cheated only having walk on parts. We felt the family growing as we stumbled along. What larks, we were all stronger and  more grounded. Life can give such simple and profound pleasures.

We kissed and held hands as we went back to the couch. We watched   the last episode of Netflix’s Crown. Where Princess Margaret is denied her lover. Adelaide  and Alex have had no such misfortune. Another piece of the family jigsaw. Happy Day.

On Sunday I went to the historic, over the bridge, All Saints, Fulham. Not so much to pray but to think and thank. Advent Sunday,   150 plus(!) congregation, good choir, bells and smells, two sittings for communion, lots of crossings and processions. Sermon very anti Trump/Brexit. Its a long time  since the CofE was the Tory Party at prayer. But think and thank I did.

From London and Ontario to Nairobi through Prague and onto Sydney “Though we  are several we are one body, because we all share in one family.”

On the way back across Putney Bridge, a training Oxford crew paddled powerfully through, rhythm and purpose, towards the boat houses and home, life goes on.